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270 €, sin seguro
270 €, con seguro


Ambulancias, Boxes, Cronometraje, Fotografía, Servicio de Neumáticos, Descuentos para grupos

3-day Track-day

The price includes:
- 3 days of training on the track and time measurement (6 sessions / day)
- drinks and snacks
- substantive support (instructors, mechanics)
- English service
- Sprint racing (SBK / SSP / moto3 / open)

Additional options
- transport (Almeria + Andalusia) of motorcycle and luggage
- place in the box - from 60 euros
- overnight at the 4* hotel
- individual training with an instructor

Laptimming included

Up to 45 days before departure, you can cancel it at any time without incurring additional costs. Although we would like you to give up as little as possible, this is your privilege that you should know about.

Almeria is a racetrack designed for motoGP and F1 tests, 13 technical corners with double and even triple peaks and 900 m straight. Tor is located in the driest part of Spain on the hills from where you can bring an unforgettable photo.

Track-day for everyone who loves motorcycles. We offer 3 or 4 level groups. Starting from the slowest one that we call tourist / amateur “D” group to the fastest Champ “A” group. The track days are designed to increase the safety of participants on the road by improving driving techniques in safe / track conditions.
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